Welcome to the home page of the MVPBTV project. This is a project to make an interface for the Hauppauge MediaMVP to work together with SnapStream Beyond TV3.

With the new version of Beyond TV 3.5, it is possible to control parts of Beyond TV3 from the MediaMVP.

For file releases, bug reports you can go to our project page.

Interface for SnapStream BeyondTV3 ver. 3.5.

As nothing says more than screenshoots we've provided a few here.

The home screen. You will reconnize video, music, pictures, radio and settings from the default Hauppauge MediaMVP interface. The only thing changed in those 5 screens is the layout.

The first new screen we've added with this interface, is the recorded shows dialog. Shows can be sorted by date, by folder and all the other posibilities you have with BeyondTV3 ver. 3.5. Press OK to see the detials of a recorded show.
By the way, the strange language is Danish.

From here you can start playback, delete the show and say if only you may delete the show.

The best we can do with LiveTV, at this moment, is to present you with a channel list and let you select the channel you want to view. Playback from the channel will stop when the end of the buffer is reached.

Just to show you how the videos screen looks after we did a few layout changes.

We also introduced a new web screen in our interface. In the web.xml file you can change the homepages you will be able to open from this screen. When viewing a web page you can use the left and right arrow keys to tabulate between links. Press OK to select a link and back to go back.

At the moment we are working on the items in the setup recordings screen. You can search by title and get presented with a list of shows, but you can't chose to record that show... yet.
In the "upcoming recordings" and "recording settings and priorities" you can chose to cancel recordings. We are still working on the missing functionality.

As said above, here you can only cancel a single recording or cancel a entire series.

I hope you enjoyed our little tour and got inspired to try the current result of our hard work out.